Custom handmade night stands created by furniture master John Cameron

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“Traditions with new vision,” the way we describe our collective body of work, is fulfilled every day in individual studios. After 25 years of working together we face the challenge to share the “vision of our traditions” with current and future markets using current technology. We are making significant investments in the marketing, programming, and technology of our organization to ensure a sustainable future.

As a contributor, you are the lifeblood of the Furniture Masters. Collectors support individual artists with purchases; our generous contributors allow the Furniture Masters to identify and nurture emerging masters and develop new markets for fine handmade furniture. The Furniture Masters create a marketplace of entrepreneurial opportunity for individual masters and aspiring makers, and we help provide skills, growth, and hope through our educational, mentorship and Prison Outreach Programs.

Help to secure the future of fine furniture making with a contribution to the Furniture Masters or one of our meaningful educational outreach initiatives.

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