Furniture Masters

Richard Oedel

Richard Oedel is a former Chair of the New Hampshire Furniture Masters and is on the Collections Committee of Historic New England. He makes his furniture at Fort Point Cabinetmakers in Boston, a collaborative partnership which he shares with several of the people who teach at the North Bennet Street School, also his alma mater. His work has appeared in Fine Woodworking, Woodshop News, Cabinet and Wood Business, and many other periodicals, as well as in a half dozen books. He gives talks, workshops and classes, and takes on the occasional intern. He makes furniture using traditional styles and techniques as a gateway to a contemporary idiom, with occasional flights of fancy into more organic forms.

Artist Statement

“A successful piece of furniture is created at the confluence of simplicity of design and utility of form. The design, function and craftsmanship are integral parts of the pieces that I make. The materials are chosen to enhance that design aesthetic, with the objective always to strive to make furniture that enriches the lives of the owners."

Richard Oedel's Work

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