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Leah Woods

Leah Woods is an artist working primarily with wood building functional and non-functional objects. Having received her MFA in Woodworking and Furniture Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2000, she designed and built one-of-a-kind furniture before transitioning to explore conceptual and sculptural objects. Over the years, she has built several bodies of work including: A Personal Wardrobe-Cabinets investigating clothing and the female form, Footloose- A Series of Cabinets for High-Heeled Shoes, Structure- An investigation of Mannequins and Dress Forms, and most recently, Navigation- An exploration of autobiographical maps. Leah is also an Associate Professor of Art at University of New Hampshire where she teaches woodworking and furniture design classes.

Leah’s work is methodical and measured in its process. She experiments with ideas for weeks at a time drawing and building models so as to fully understand her concept. She has had success showing work through the Center for Design and Craftsmanship exhibitions in Cheltenham, England, the Cheongju Biennale exhibition in Korea, and at galleries in Boston and Philadelphia.

With strong interests in traveling and experiencing diverse cultures and traditions of art making, Woods has had several artist residencies that have fueled her ideas and imagination.

Leah Woods's Work