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John Geraghty

John Geraghty is a self-taught woodworker who has run his business, Grain of Thought, for the last 34 years. His career started as a carpenter but after he read James Krenov’s “The Impractical Cabinet Maker, “ John’s emphasis favored woodworking . His passion for the outdoors and working wood led him to different locations out West including Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, and Hawaii. During this time, he learned the crafts of timber framing, architectural woodworking, and furniture making.

Then John took a leap of faith and moved to NYC where he ran his shop for 18 years. As part of a creative maker community, he patented two woodworking designs and dedicated time to Apprentices. Underlying the desire to teach, John knew the exchange of knowledge was essential If his profession were to evolve with vitality.

He introduced 25 people to woodworking and some students including Beaumont Channon, Jude Heslin-DiLeo and Daina Marija Platā have gone to build businesses making studio furniture. Currently, John is apprenticing 3 people at his new location in Westfield, MA. In addition, he serves on the woodworking board at Smith Vocational school in Northampton, MA.

John’s creative muse continues to be the stacks of boards, slabs, and log sections in his charge. He also Takes great satisfaction in selective harvesting and sawing premium hardwood logs.

John’s work has been featured in Architectural Digest, New England Home, House Beautiful, The Hampshire Gazette, Woodshop News, and the Western MA, American Institute of Architects Newsletter.

Artist Statement

From a very early age wood has fascinated me. How this material surrounds us and makes so much possible. That connection one feels when engrossed with making something from this gift. I feel a direct relation to those before me, much like growing food or building a fire, the creative spirit is timeless.

John Geraghty's Work