Furniture Masters

Liz Grace

My journey as woodworker has been strongly influenced by the Shaker tradition with its emphasis on simplicity of design, usefulness and beauty. I have also found the Japanese aesthetic tradition of beauty as it is expressed in the awareness of space and form, has added to my creative vision. For me, the attention to line and form is the basis for developing my furniture designs, giving the piece a feeling of spaciousness and elegance.

My education in woodworking is part of the long line of woodworkers who are self-taught, allowing me to explore and develop my design "voice", as I practiced and studied traditional methods in all aspects of woodworking. It has been my privilege to learn from several master woodworkers including Garrett Hack, Terry Moore and Craig Vandall Stevens. With each of them, I learned the fundamentals of good design, training in hand tools and excellence of craftsmanship. Through personal study and training, I have been able to advance these skills and to expand my self-expression and design experimentation in each of my pieces.

Liz Grace's Work

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