L to R: Jeffrey Cooper, Roger Myers, Ted Blachly, Garrett Hack, Richard Oedel

Tom McLaughlin

Tom has been making and designing commissioned custom furniture since 1990. After years of higher education, in his twenties he decided to pursue his love for fine furniture making full-time. His training launched forward when he entered a rare apprenticeship with master craftsman P.A. “Pug” Moore in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Tom remained close to Pug, even after branching out on his own, which included returning to his native New England roots where he’s been making furniture since 1997.

Since joining the Furniture Masters twenty years ago, Tom's work has become recognizable for its dramatic use of figured wood, creating a sense of movement in each piece. An enthusiasm for sharing the craft led Tom to begin teaching in between commissions, regularly hosting classes in his Canterbury, NH workshop. Teaching opportunities recently grew exponentially as he was invited to host the national public television show, Rough Cut with Fine Woodworking in 2017.

Tom McLaughlin's Work