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Alden Artisan Advancement Online Application

NHFMA is now proud to offer the Alden Artisan Advancement to help support an emerging artist in furthering their career as a professional furniture designer/maker. The recipient of the scholarship will receive $1,000 towards the development and promotion of an original furniture piece which will then be on exhibit at the Furniture Masters’ annual Main Event in the Fall. The Main Event is an opportunity to exhibit alongside established makers and interact with current and past patrons in an intimate setting.

Application Eligibility
Applicants must have already graduated from trade or art school and be on a path to becoming an emerging studio maker or tradesperson or have at most 10 years in business.

Application Fee

Application Deadline
September 30, 2018

Application Materials

  • 3 photos of furniture made while a student/apprentice
  • A current resume
  • A drawing of the proposed piece to be considered for scholarship funds
  • A brief narrative of the inspiration for the design

Application Review
While only one applicant will be awarded the scholarship, all applicants will receive feedback on submitted materials from three current NHFMA members.

Application Commitments

  • Applicant must commit to showcasing their completed piece at the annual NHFMA Main Event.
  • Applicant is responsible for traveling and shipping expenses to and from the Main Event.
  • Apprentice mentor must confirm that the student will complete the show piece for the Spring – Photo Shoot as well as confirm that the student will use the advancement funds for their intended purpose

Award Timeline and Jury Process

  • The scholarship recipient will be notified by October 30, 2018, and advancement funds will be awarded at that time.
  • The recipient will have until May or June to complete the piece for the photo shoot.
  • Approximately one month prior to the photo shoot, the recipient’s piece will be reviewed by the NHFMA jury and one member of the American Furniture Masters Institute (AFMI) to establish that the piece has been built to acceptable standards.
  • After the photo shoot, the recipient will have the remaining Spring and Summer to promote the piece for the Fall Main Event as they wish, which could include exhibiting at Furniture Masters events.
  • During the advancement period, a designated NHFMA member (Greg Brown) will monitor the recipient’s progress as well as encourage the recipient to reach out to other Masters for input.

Application Award

  • Recipient will receive $1,000 for the development and promotion of the submitted design
  • The recipient will receive a professional photo shoot with Bill Truslow and receive one 8 ½ x 11 print and high resolution digital files of their piece which may be used for personal use in any media outlet. Photo Credit must be given to Bill Truslow.
  • The recipient will be featured in the NHFMA Annual publication under the heading “Emerging Artist.”
  • The recipient will exhibit the piece alongside the Masters at their annual Main Event in the Fall (Date TBD).
  • The recipient will be offered guidance on preparing for an exhibit, pricing work and discussing work with potential patrons.
  • The recipient is strongly advised to seek input and guidance from any current NHFMA member on the piece they have submitted for exhibition.

Main Event Sale

If the recipient sells the piece at the Furniture Masters Main Eventthe recipient will contribute 10% of the final sale to NHFMA for their successful participation. Note: all NHFMA members donate 10% of sales at the Main Event.

Application Form