New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association (NHFMA)

The New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association (NHFMA) was formed in 1993 by furniture makers David Lamb, Bill Thomas, Jere Osgood, Terry Moore, Lenore Howe and Brian Braskie together with Concord, NH community members John Frisbee, Allison Banks, Jen Lucic, Mary McLaughlin and Tony Hartigan. The founders had one goal in mind: to build public awareness of New Hampshire’s fine furniture makers and to cultivate an audience for their goods closer to home.

Forming the association was a good first step, but Hartigan realized that the Furniture Masters needed to enter the public forum with a splash. Thinking back to his youth in Saratoga, New York and the thrill of the yearling auctions, Hartigan proposed that the furniture makers hold an auction to grab the public’s attention. The concept proved to be a winner; the Furniture Masters have held an auction every year since their inaugural event in 1995, and Hartigan has been there cheering them on every time.

The Furniture Masters continue striving to spread awareness of their craft into the present, working collaboratively and leveraging their potent body of collective knowledge and experience to stimulate one another’s creative output. Each year, the organization showcases a select group of the members’ creations in a series of exhibitions, house parties, and an annual auction. For information on the group’s events, please check what’s going on.