Timothy Coleman

‘Tree Spirit’
East Indian rosewood, tiger maple, poplar
16″ deep x 45″ wide x 32″ high

I live surrounded by trees. I see them change through the seasons and watch as the sun and the moon shine through their branches, creating shifting patterns of light and shadow. I make sketches and snap photos to capture the feeling, and from here the “Tree Spirit” tables emerged.

I envisioned an abstract pattern spreading over all the surfaces of the tables, evoking light through the trees. To achieve the effect, I created a table design that has unbroken surfaces. There is no edge to the top, and the legs and skirts are flush. This way the pattern can spread and break unimpeded.

The patterned surfaces are constructed with shop-sawn veneer over solid wood and plywood. I used a marquetry technique where I stack the light and dark veneer and cut the patterns through both layers at once. I use an extremely fine blade on the scroll saw, and in this way, the light-colored pieces fit seamlessly into the dark background, and the dark into the light.

The tables are a reverse image of each other, and while they are related in this way, each one has its own character and appeal.

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