Jon Brooks

‘Torus Chair’
pine, varnish
18″ deep x 24″ wide x 26″ high

At the local mill I found a log that was 30″ in diameter at the base, including the bark. Tom Wilkins would sell it to me at four feet long only, due to his sawn log lengths. So, with the chainsaw I carved a 28″ diameter Ball Chair, leaving a 20″ piece at 28″ in diameter for “Torus Chair.”I can’t get another ball from this, so I carved a flattened ball with a hole in the middle, realizing it was a compelling chair form never imagined by me before. Staying open to the possibilities as they arise is a vital part of my creative process.

cherry, maple, acrylic, varnish
20″ deep x 28″ wide x 20″ high

My good friend painter Bruce McColl and I have admired each other’s work for years. We both also gravitate towards a similar passion for landscape and color. The conversation of a trade came up one day. I had the choice of many paintings and watercolors by Bruce and finally settled on one that now hangs in the entryway of our home, greeting us daily as we come in. Bruce settled on the idea of a table, giving me the approximate dimensions only. Deliberately, I went wild with color on the legs as a tribute to our similar passion.

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