Garrett Hack

Engelmann spruce, bird’s-eye and curly maple, aspen, ebony, holly, bone, paint
14″ deep x 21″ wide x 42″ high

Boy meets girl at a canoeing workshop and really likes her. Girl is brilliant, talented, and has even built her own sea kayak, but…is she interested? In the end she was. They just married, after a long duet, slowly learning each other’s songs.

“Duet” is a cabinet to store those songs. There are shelves for sheet music, a place for music books, and small fun drawers for her violin strings and rosin. The materials are the same musical woods used for fine stringed instruments. Even the shape is instrument-like, with bowed sides, very fine ebony bead “strings,” and black and white accents along the bottoms of the legs, similar to banding on antique lutes.

Collaborating with my wife, Carolyn, adds the color and fun of her paint details — small multihued dots along the shelf edges and a blue band between the doors. Its texture mimics the very fine growth lines of the Engelmann; the shades of blue create a space between the doors for dreams to slip in or out.

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