David Lamb

Griffith Mantelpiece
mahogany, birch, ebony, brass, glass
7″ deep x 72″ wide x 43″ high”

detail 1: an inspired floral bouquet with daylilies and morning glories, carved in the round. 4″ deep x 14″ wide x 14″ high”
detail 2: scrolls, drawers, ebony basket weave and leaves

From the initial request of making a mirror to its final developed design, this mantelpiece was a rather significant change in concept from the start. The most helpful part of understanding Diane Griffith’s desires for this mirror came about when she had a conversation with her architect, Lafe Covill. Lafe took her thoughts (obviously asking good questions) and developed a concept scheme that led to the final outcome. I took the idea of an elliptical mirror and further developed the concept of “reflection” within the home and collection. The idea was to have the mirror be a literal and figurative reflector of the home.

This piece reflects on the earlier Lambovich secretary, armchairs, library table, and the first piece of furniture I made for her, a secretary, more than 25 years ago. And a mirror cannot be truly functional without drawers, four of them in this case.

Black Ice Table
mahogany, dyed birch
16″ deep x 45″ wide x 32″ high

It has been several years now that I have used birch crotchwood to simulate the look of frost. My personal challenge this year was to capture the look of black ice, newly formed ice found on puddles and ponds in early winter. The challenge was to create the sense of depth, translucence, and fragility using wood. After considerable experimentation, I determined that by very carefully applying dyes in a “ghosting” method, the blackness was achieved, and tones of pink, brown, and blues came through, just as can be found in natural ice. I am thrilled with the result.

Many thanks go to Tom McLaughlin for his masterful use of the spray gun.

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