Aurelio Bolognesi

Wall-Hanging, Revolving Cabinet
teak, tiger maple, stainless steel, aluminum, oil and wax finish
20″ deep x 24″ wide x 48″ high

This piece came as a sequel to the “Speakeasy.” Once again I tried to develop an unusual way of opening a cabinet; once again rotation is involved…bearings… metal…headaches!

This time the structure is coopered in a spiral section for the cabinet part to slide into its “shell.” More headaches. The purchase of a milling machine is now justified!

I had lots of fun building this original piece. The design came through a series of drawings, sketches really, over a yearlong period, and then a scale model that gave me an idea of the challenges that were ahead.

I think I will pursue this line of work. I think of it as being innovative, practical, and rich with possibilities.

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